Zetron Max Fire Alerting Systems

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Zetron’s MAX Fire Station Alerting (FSA) is a purpose built component of the MAX Dispatch console. It is delivered as a simple solution allowing alerting from a central site and is designed to integrate with any modern CAD system. The FSA system allows alerting within individual stations that includes: sensing alarm inputs, monitoring vehicle status, turning on lights, opening doors, turning on fans, turning off a stove, and connecting to a public address (PA) for sounding alert tones and broadcasting dispatch messages. It includes built-in interfaces and shared components with other Zetron solutions creating an integrated command & control suite. With MAX FSA, you are buying more than an Alerting system.

Deliver voice announcements though VoIP and radio links. MAX FSA is pure IP, making it extremely reliable and easy to work with. MAX FSA provides the flexibility of delivering and receiving audio transmissions over IP and radio at the same.

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Cad Integration

Dispatcher can use their CAD and activate all alerting functions. The implementation can be automated so that the CAD system controls alerting automatically and manages station apparatus availability. For example, with station input CAD will know if a truck is out of service and automatically select an available truck for deployment, freeing the dispatcher to handle other issues. In addition CAD can automatically be set up to activate schemes based on the time of day or size of the incident.

Multiple Audio Paths
MAX FSA can alert single or multiple fire stations at the simultaneously through VoIP or Radio, which speeds up the process of getting alerts out to the stations.

Combined Dispatch and Fire Station Alerting
Saves space and promotes ease of access/use. Easy integration with existing MAX Dispatch installs.

Multiple Levels of Redundancy Based on Needs
MAX FSA has dual network connections throughout the system, and has hot standby capability, providing automatic failover in the event of a hardware failure. Any single point of failure can be eliminated with redundant MAX Central, MAX Radio Gateways (MRGs), and power supplies. MAX FSA has the ability to be configured with various levels of redundancy to meet your needs.

Secure Two-way Audio with the Station
Using a handset, station personnel have two-way audio through a MRG back directly to a dispatcher.

Control and Manage Fire Station Peripherals Using I/O
Using remote Auxiliary Input/output devices with MAX FSA allows dispatch to monitor and pull fire station unit status. It also allows operation of station lighting, door activations and alarm sensor inputs. FSA can support 100s of I/O devices.

Voice Logger Interface
The voice logger gateway will output all activity from the FSA system into a 3rd party logging recorder for later extraction to recreate the event.

Modern User Interface
Throughout the MAX interface, the user will be comforted by a well-designed, intuitive, efficient user interface.

Provides Zone Alerting and Zone Lighting
MAX FSA has zone alerting capability, so that within a station multiple areas can have different alerts. For example, if EMTs only are required for a night-time incident the dispatcher has the ability to notify only the EMT area within the station and allow other personnel to rest.

MAX Alerting and Radio
Support all major radio interfaces, DMR Tier 2 & 3, P25 Trunked and conventional. Because MAX FSA is combined with the MAX Dispatch system, announcements to the fire stations can be done through any of the radio interfaces that MAX Dispatch supports. Other IP based systems don’t have the ability to communicate over multiple radio systems.

The core product features include:
•Support for both CAD and operator-controlled operations
•Multiple zone lighting control (fade-in and multiple colors available where supported by lighting controller)
•Alerts with ramp-up tones
•Pre-recorded voice announcements
•Live voice announcements

•Multiple audio zones
•Garage bay door controls and sensors
•Entry door controls and sensors
•Power controls for kitchen appliances
•Additional relay controls available for unique functions (sense inputs)
•Multi-function buttons available
•Day-night operations
•CAD API available
•Reuse of MAX Dispatch core code
•Inherits the system redundancies from MAX Dispatch – hot standby, dual network connections
•Voice logger interface
•Multiple audio streams
•Scripting interface allows flexible control and operations
•Available as an added feature for current MAX Dispatch systems
•Fully field configurable
•Emergency notification from fire house occupants directly to dispatchers
Zetron’s MAX Fire Station Alerting is designed to meet the extraordinary demands of fire houses today and into the future. Our unique approach of extending our MAX Dispatch console with additional alerting, acknowledgement, and auxiliary I/O communication capabilities provides your operation with cost effective way of integrating dispatching and fire station alerting together as a single integrated solution. Standardize your fire stations on a platform that can provide fast, dependable, usable information from the dispatch center.

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