L. W. Bills Co. Fleet of Service Vehicles

L. W. Bills Co. Fleet of Service Vehicles

24 Hour Emergency Service

We offer service on all types of alarms-Municipal, Residential and Commercial and are listed on the MA State Bid Contract PSE01.

Bucket Trucks

We have 2 35′ Bucket Trucks Available.


We offer many types of 24 hour monitoring from our central station.  Prices start at $295.00 per year

Other services

  • Signal Communications Radio Box – Repairs and Maintenance

  • Municipal Fire Alarm Reporting –  Repairs and Maintenance

  • Zetron  Alerting System – Repairs and Maintenance

  • Fire Alarm Installation, Testing and Maintenance

  • Security System Sales, Service and Installation

  • Telegraphic Fire Alarm Master Boxes Sales, Service, Repairs and Installations

  • Dispatch Consoles Sales and Installation

  • Electrical Repairs, Service and Installation

  • Repairs to Fire Alarm Punch Registers

  • Machine Shop Service

  • Wood Shop

  • Custom Plates and Tags

  • And more!

Download Masterbox Connection/Disconnection Form