Harold Roeder started the museum in 1967 when he moved to Georgetown and joined the Georgetown Fire Department. His grandfather was on the Boston Fire Department and his father was a Lexington fire fighter who became a Fire Commissioner in Lexington and a collector.

Harold served 44 years on the fire department and so as you can see firefighting and collecting are in his blood.

In the beginning, Edward Brass of B&B Engineering of Norwood, LA., was a great help to his collection.  He donated transmitters, electronic gongs and several fire box movements. As with any hobby once you get a few pieces you want more!

Once people know that you are collecting they start to approach you to let you know of a specific piece that would enhance the collection or of an upcoming auction. Harold attended many auctions over the years. Much like the brotherhood of firefighters there is a brotherhood of collectors, most of whom are firefighters as well.

One reason Harold collected was to help preserve the history of firefighting and to give others the opportunity to see the progression of the industry.

San Francisco CA Alarm Board

San Francisco Alarm Panel

We are in the business of up-grading and maintaining fire alarm equipment and when we do a job often times the department will offer the old equipment to us. One example is San Francisco, CA. When we upgraded their system we were able to get one of their old municipal fire alarm panels.

Working in conjunction with the Georgetown Fire Department, we have hosted school groups and even Smokey the Bear came to help educate the children!

We recently had  gentlemen from Ohio and Pennsylvania spend several hours looking at the museum and talking to our personnel, like many others have done, and they took some of the pictures you will see on this page.  Thank you to Warren Anderson from Ohio and Gary Spohn from Pensylvania!

Our museum is open to the public during our office hours (8:00 to 4:30 M-F). We look forward to visits from people near and far!

Also please check back on this page as we add pictures of the collection!