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Check with the Fire Department in the town where the Radio Box is to be located for the correct type needed for your town/location.


L. W. Bills Co. holds MA state contract FIR-03 thus ensuring the best pricing

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Radio Alarm Reporting Systems and Solar Radio Boxes

SigCom offers a variety of equipment used to transmit alarm messages, report incidents and control operations at remote locations. Alarms and control operations are communicated either via intelligent radio or fiber-optic networks.
Radio Boxes
Vision 21 Supervisory System DTX Alarm Transceiver Radio Alarm Box

Centered around our Vision 21 System Processor, SigCom’s Alarm Reporting System is typically used for fire alarm, security and remote access, process control, and many other applications. The system includes all of the equipment necessary to provide a fast, accurate and reliable connection between a remote location and the control center. Its flexible and modular design allows it to cover a wide range of applications from a simple one-way reporting system to a sophisticated two-way command and control polling system. The programmable features of the system allow it to be uniquely tailored for any installation.

SigCom’s alarm transmitters and transceivers are designed to operate in harsh environments and under extreme temperature ranges. The equipment may be powered by AC, battery and solar power supplies and is capable of monitoring and controlling devices that can be activated manually, through digital interface or by sensors and transducers. Two way communication allows for automatic or manual control of connected devices in response to an alarm or trouble condition, even if they’re at a different location.



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