Suicide Prevention Cell Monitoring System

Suicide prevention cell monitoring system

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Guard Tour Solutions for Correctional Facilities

What do you need from a patrol management system?

We need to record cell checks and suicide watches.

Our guard tour solutions simplify the task of recording cell checks or bed checks in segregation areas, medical facilities, dormitories, and cell blocks. With Guard1 Plus, you can document an offender’s activities or demeanor, and record other activities such as distribution of medications or food. The documentation Guard1 Plus provides can help you meet state mandates or accreditation standards.

The PIPE’s reminder feature can act as a cell check timer, alerting officers to begin their rounds at an interval you select.

We need documented accountability.

Our Guard1 Plus software provides documented proof that your officers have performed their patrols as required. It has been used successfully to defend correctional facilities and staff in administrative hearings and civil litigation.

We want a system that will make our staff more efficient.

Our Rounds Tracker software is ideal for cell checks, where each cell must be visited within a specific minimum or maximum number of minutes after the previous visit. Rounds Tracker displays large amounts of cell check information, so supervisors and managers can quickly identify missed visits and exceptions. There’s no need to go through pages of printouts or reports.

Guard1 Plus frees your officers from recordkeeping and enables them to focus on the inmates.

We want a system with a proven track record in correctional facilities.

TimeKeeping Systems has helped hundreds of adult and juvenile facilities throughout the U.S. with equipment and software solutions for managing officer patrols.

We are the leader in providing super-rugged guard tour equipment suitable for correctional use. In addition to The PIPE, our product line also includes our PrisonProof™ stainless steel checkpoints and mounts, designed specifically for correctional facilities.

We want a system that can be used for safety inspections and security patrols.

With Guard1 Plus and The PIPE can be used for perimeter patrols, door checks, fire safety equipment checks, and AED inspections.

We need a system that is appropriate for juvenile facilities.

Our systems are used in secure and non-secure juvenile facilities throughout the United States. A number of states have adopted Guard1 Plus throughout their juvenile systems.

Call for a complimentary demo with our Guard 1 Plus technichian to see how we can design a cell check system to meet your specific needs!

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